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            Small clay brick making machine

            2015/5/9 17:00:25      c

            Introduct the clay brick making machine

            This clay brick extruder had a big improvement by generating decades manufacturing experience, 

            combining with our valuable customers' feedback and domestic regulation. This extruder adopts fine 

            steel material, brick making part use dual press board,which makes the machine stronger. The trowel adpots 

            steel board welding, screw pitch and clay batch were adjusted, which improved the quality and quantity of 

            adobe moulding. It also has easy operation and enevgy saving characteristics.

            Raw material is the natural clay,so dont worry about how to get the raw material.Add the water in the clay,

            and then make the raw material fully mixing,so the comprehensive performance of the raw material is be improved.

            You can get the different size of the output product only through changing the mould.And the mould can be designed

            by our customers.What you need,we will product what.Our company product different types of the clay brick making

            machine.No matter the solid,vacuum,automatic or semi-automatic,we are the professional manufacturer factory to serve

            you.Choose us,your best choice.

            Installation of the clay brick making machine

            1.Check machine carefully to make sure there is no any damaged parts 

            2.Clay extruder must be installed on contrate foundation with bolt screw tighten 

            3.Keep the clay extruder in horizontal position, make sure the surface of the strip cutter roller at the same degree of the 


            4Cutting platform must keep smooth, polishing it when always .

            5.Keep the motor belt and reduction gear belt at the same line. 

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