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          1. JZK clay brick making machine

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            • 產品品牌   Wanqi
            • 產品型號   clay brick machine
            • 產品描述



            Brief introduction of JZK clay brick making machine

            Double stage is another upgrade of clay brick extruder.You can combined it into T structure or straight structure.The auger of the machine is coated with wear resistance metal.This machine is suitable for producing all kinds of cellbrick with material of gangue,shale,fly ash as well as clay. 

            Feature of JZK clay brick making machine

            1.The body of the brick machine uses the steel plate and steel casting to weld together, the positions of the host axis, pressure clay bearing are processed once, good stability of the body and good concentricity, the equipment does not need making a foundation, it can run steadily, it is convenient for users to install and move.

            2. The pressure clay tablet bearing box of the brick making machine is separated from the mud tank, good concentricity, the mud is not easy to go into the bearing and the machine has long service life. 

            3. The pressure clay board adopts double -safety installation, the production process will not be influenced by the damaged screw which fall into the mud tank. 

            4. The bearings of the spindle and the gears of pressure clay tablets work in the lubricants, and it is not easy to be worn.

            5. The spindle adopts flotation structures, connected with six sets, automatic centering, it is easy to replace the spira 

            Production line automatic compressed clay brick making machine   

            Clay--Box feeder ---Belt conveyor----Double shaft mixer---Belt conveyor--JZK series clay brick making machine--- Full-automatic brick cutting machine ---Auto-unloader(brick separator, or brick stacking machine )-Hoffman kiln or tunnel kiln

             Type  Capacity(pic/h)  Spindle speed(r/min) Power(kw)  Weight(t)  Size(mm)
             JZK45/45 10000-12000 25-45  55/110  15 4960*1680*1750 
             JZK50/50  12000-15000 28-38  75/132  20  5350*1800*2100
             JZK55/55  15000-20000 20-25  90/180  26  8360*2800*3590
             JZK60/60  18000-22000  20-25  110/200  32  8655*2450*2820
             JZK75/75  20000-25000  20-25  132/250  40  8955*3075*3310
             JZK90/90  24000-30000  20-25 180/315 50 9225*2890*3590


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